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Feb 13, 2013 9:00am EST
're -& willinn. 3 mounds of sowwccntiiue to & pb a problem for reeidents in &&pthh to heep cleaa &pthe ssreetssmore quickly... - the town of aterbury, connecticut is hiring eens... tt help shovvllit out. 3 of tthe32 schooll in & waterbury... none of them haa when hundreds offstudeets showed up... to get to work. they're being paid a minimum wage... which issmoney that 3 students say... it's not aboot phe monny. 3 (last sot) "like,,it beats stayiig in the house for 4 days straight ithout school - so i just wanted to come hhlp, especially the elementary schools." bbfore the day even startee... 3 started.some teachers even back into the classroom. 3& president obbma elvers his - first state of the union address... since tarting hhi according to twitter... 1-point-1--illlon tweets were & made betwwen tteetime he president entereedthe house chamber... and when he enddd 3pminimuu wage should be raised to nnnn doolars aa hour.the - second-most tweeted moment came when obama called on congress to vooe on ccntroversial new gun controo measuress
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1